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We Are Fine Free

We Are Fine Free

Overdue fines will not occur on materials such as books, dvds, audiobooks, magazines and cds. 

Late fees will still apply on special items such as museum passes, telescope, etc.

Lost and damaged item charges will also still apply.

“No overdue fines” does not mean “no responsibility.” Due dates still apply! SFPL will expect items returned in a timely manner.  Borrowing privileges become blocked and patrons will be billed when materials are 30 days overdue.

What happens if I return an item after I receive a bill for it?

The bill (replacement cost) will be removed from your account if the item is still in our system and hasn’t been replaced.

Will I be charged overdue fines for items owned by other libraries?

This policy applies only to items checked out at the Swansea Free Public Library, regardless of which library it comes from. Items checked out at other libraries are subject to that library’s overdue policies.