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Disposal of Surplus Property Policy

Disposal of Surplus Property Policy

Swansea Free Public Library 

Disposal of Surplus Property Policy 

The Board of Library Trustees authorizes the Library Director to dispose of surplus or  unwanted library property as permitted under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter  30B Section 15. Tangible supply; disposition.  

The Library Director is authorized to develop, in conjunction with the Chief  Procurement Officer for the Town of Swansea, rules and procedures to dispose of  surplus library property. 

The Library Director shall be responsible for the application and enforcement of the  rules and procedures pertaining to the disposition of surplus library property.  

The Library Board of Trustees shall vote at their last meeting of the fiscal year to renew  this authority for the subsequent fiscal year.  

Procedures for the Disposal of Donations 

The Swansea Free Public Library will accept donations of books, DVDS, games, toys,  electronics, and other equipment in accordance with the library Gift & Donation Policy.  

The library will give donated items that it cannot use to a 501(C)3 non-profit  organization or to other tax exempt, non-profit entities. 

Any materials or equipment shall be donated to a nonprofit on the condition that these  items are offered for sale or gift to the public in “as is” condition and without warranties  being offered or implied. 

Procedures for the Disposal of Library Property 

Print and non-print materials that are withdrawn from the library collection according  to the guidelines established in the Collection Development Policy may be offered to the  Friends of Library for re-sale. 

Items that the Friends of Library cannot sell may be donated to other tax exempt,  nonprofit organizations, or may be discarded if in poor condition. 

Equipment no longer needed by the library shall be offered to other town departments.  If no town department expresses an interest in the equipment, the following procedure  shall be used: 

∙ Items will be listed at a public auction approved by, and at a time determined by,  the Town of Swansea.

∙ An item will be determined to have no market value if it receives no bids after  being listed at a public auction. 

∙ Surplus library equipment that has no trade-in value or is valued at less than fair  market price may be donated to other tax exempt, non-profit organizations, or  may be discarded.  


Approved by the Swansea Free Public Library Board of Trustees 06/23/2021