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Gift and Donation Policy

Gift and Donation Policy

Swansea Free Public Library 

Gift and Donation Policy and Transfer of Ownership Form 

Gift and Donation Policy 

The Swansea Free Public Library (SFPL) encourages and appreciates private support of  the Swansea Free Public Library. To ensure that all gifts are appropriate to the Library’s  mission, the following guidelines have been adopted: 

1. The Library will determine the acceptance of each gift. 

2. Monetary donations to the Library Gift Fund can be sent by check c/o the Library  Director, 69 Main Street, Swansea MA 02777. 

3. The SFPL selectively accepts gifts of books, DVDs, CDs, video games, board games, puzzles, and electronics equipment for public use. Gifts to the SFPL are judged on  the same criteria as purchased material. The SFPL is unable to house and promote  a substantial special collection. Conditions of display, housing, access, and  withdrawal are considered. The appraisal of a gift for tax purposes is the  responsibility of the donor. 

4. Personal property, antiques, and collectibles may be accepted at the discretion of the Director in consultation with the LBOT, with the understanding that they may  be sold, given away, or otherwise discarded. 

5. Works of art will be accepted at the discretion of the Director in consultation with  the LBOT with the understanding that they may be sold, given away, or otherwise  disposed of. The Director in consultation with the LBOT reserves the right to  determine the location and display of donated artwork. The Director or LBOT may  request that an artwork be accompanied by a current appraisal of value and may  request evidence of bona fide artistic importance and merit of the work and  reputation of the artist. An appropriate deed of gift, or similar document, transferring sole and exclusive ownership of the artwork to the SFPL, will be required. 

6. Memorial gifts may be refused if an expenditure of library funds and/or staff time  is necessary to make the gift usable. The SFPL does not guarantee the purchase of  specifically identified titles with such funds. Donors are encouraged to recommend subject areas if desired, but do not have the right of approval of titles before  purchase. 

7. Recognition of Gifts: Library Bookplates will be placed in library materials  purchased with gift funds, format permitting. Programs and services made  possible by gift funds will include recognition of such benefactors in the  supporting literature. The SFPL will acknowledge each gift with a letter to the donor.

8. Any restrictions on gifts must be submitted in writing and approved by the Library  Director in consultation with the Library Board of Trustees. Restricted monetary  gifts will be accepted on the condition that the specific use requested is consistent  with the mission, vision, and values of the SFPL. 

9. The responsibility for the appraisal or the estimation of the value of gift donations lies with the donor. The SFPL will not assess or suggest a value for non-monetary  gifts for income tax or other purposes; any letter of acknowledgment will not  contain a statement of value. 

Document of Transfer of Ownership

Approved by the Swansea Free Public Library Board of Trustees June 23, 2021