Monster Squad

ages 6-12

Do you like monsters? Curious about creepy stuff? Check out the Monster Squad!

On the second Saturday of each month, from 1 - 3 pm, join Count Kaija and the rest of the Squad as we investigate a new monster. Learn about science and myths, creeps and crawlies, all with crafts and snacks, too!

Some come on down, boils and ghouls, and meet the Monster Squad!


Lego Club


3:30 - 4:45 pm

If it’s Monday then it’s Lego Club.  Join the imagineers of Swansea every Monday afternoon.  Lego Club is for children of all ages.  Use your imagination to build, create and design all sorts of wondrous things. Play with our collection of Lego’s in the Junior Room.


Homeschoolers Math Reads


1 - 2 PM
Math Reads
is a new program at the library that combines literature with math for kids in kindergarten through Grade 5.  Each week we read books that engage kids interests and provide a math lesson, along with a fun math craft, try our hands at origami, and play fun math games and puzzles.  Fun and learning together.  If interested, sign up today.  


Homeschoolers Geography Club


2 - 3 PM

Each week a different country is explored.  Learn fun facts, color a flag, try native foods and play geography themed bingo for fun.  It's educational, entertaining and fun all at the same time.